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    2009 - 08.05

    Hi, my name is Richard Strong. I’ve been investing in stocks and property for the last twenty five years and in timber for the last twenty years. Timber investments are now my biggest asset class, having allowed me to give up the day job around five years ago. I have invested in Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Finland, Costa Rica, Brazil and Indonesia.

    Investing in timber has stacked up very well for me. Let me tell you why. Over the last thirty years, managed timber investments returned an average of 15% per year. Stocks, on the other hand, returned about 11%. There’s simply less risk in timber. And it’s not correlated to stock prices.

    The price of timber has been consistently higher than the rate of inflation. Over the last 100 years, timber has beaten inflation by an average of 3.3%. Timber is not going to disappear, and as a sustainable building material, will soon see an additional surge in demand.

    It’s also relatively inexpensive to get involved with. My aim is to bring you the independent news and views of a seasoned timber investor and hopefully lead you to smarter investment decisions.

    July 2009

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