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    Hyderabad residents working to protect their forests

    2013 - 06.12

    We know only too well how crucial efforts of all sizes are to maintaining forestry reserves across the globe, so news that individuals are taking it upon themselves to protect the forests of India is extremely positive for the sector.

    Residents of Hyderabad, India are taking it upon themselves to protect their environment and green spaces. Rather than waiting for Government action, residents are taking the initiative, and in turn are increasing awareness about the importance of conservation.

    Omin Manekshaw Debra, secretary of Forum For a Better Hyderabad, told the Deccan Chronicle newspaper that many residents were saddened by Government plans which often lead to forested areas being destroyed: “Whenever GHMC sanctions a tree plantation project, it remains on paper. They spend crores on digging to lay underground cables, but fail to realise its impact on the trees in the area. Trees are uprooted if they come in the way of electric poles.”

    “First the corporation allocates sites to plant trees which are later cut to make way for road widening. What is the point of such decisions?” Debra, a member of the Tree Protection Committee in Hyderabad, added.

    Many others backed him up. A retired District Forest Officer confirmed to the publication: “Any decrease in this [green forest cover] will lead to increasingly hot summers.” Others added that residents should be encouraged to plant trees both on their own land and in the colonies.

    Founder member of Human Rights and Consumer Protection Cell, Thakur Rajkumar Singh, confirmed that “any interference with nature will lead to disturbance in the ecosystem. We must act soon”.

    In related news, a recent study found that Hyderabad has been ranked the third greenest city in India, following in the footsteps of Delhi and Bengaluru. The survey – which was carried out by Greenleap, under the ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India – said that the city came close to the ‘international standard of greenery’ of 33 per cent.

    The Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority has recently agreed to tree plantations which will cover about 4,000 hectares of reserve forest area.