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    New river dolphin species discovered in the Amazon

    2014 - 01.28

    A new species of river dolphin has been discovered in the Brazilian rainforest.
    The “Inia araguaiaensis” – or Araguaia dolphin – is the first new type of the river version of the aquatic mammal to be found in a century and only the third such species to be found in the Brazilian Amazon.

    The species was identified as new type by scientists from Federal University of Amazonas, who compared its DNA with other river dolphin species. The Araguaia dolphin is smaller and has fewer teeth than the Amazon river dolphin.

    The new species was found in the 1,630 mile long Araguaia river. It is thought there are around 1,000 of the new species living in the river.

    Study author Tomas Hrbek told Trib Live that the species had been seen by people but no one thought to examine whether the dolphins differed from their larger cousins.

    He added: “It was an unexpected discovery that shows just how incipient our knowledge is of the region’s biodiversity. River dolphins are among the rarest and most endangered of all vertebrates, so discovering a new species is something that is very rare and exciting.”

    The work of environmentally conscious companies such as Greenwood Management remains key to protecting the biodiversity of the Amazon for future generations.