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    ‘Amazon Colour’ exhibition highlights importance of rainforest

    2014 - 05.14

    South American nations have welcomed a new exhibition that showcases the beauty of the Amazon region, as well as highlighting the importance of protecting it.

    The ‘Amazon Colour’ exhibition, which is to be held until 17 August 2014 at Oulim Art Gallery in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, Korea.

    Representatives from Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador attended the opening evening for the exhibition, which has been organised by Seoul-based group Bellarte. The aim of the group – which was established in 2004 – is to promote Latin American art to the Korean public.

    Amazon Colour will feature a diverse collection of South American photography, painting and much more. Some of the key pieces on display include two lithographs by Ecuadorian artist Gonzalo Endara Crow, best known for his ‘magical realism’, as well as photographs by Manuel Aviles Prieto, also from Ecuador.

    Jorge Icaza, deputy chief of mission at the Ecuadorian Embassy, told The Korea Herald: “We would like to share the beauty of the Amazon rainforest, and at the same time raise awareness of the importance of its conservation.

    “Ecuador would like to share in this exhibition basic information about the country and environmental campaigns to raise awareness of the effects of negligent oil exploitation in the Amazon rainforest.”

    The importance of managing the Brazilian Amazon and its products in a sustainable way for future generations is essential to companies such as Greenwood Management. Greenwood’s work plays a key role in ensuring that the forest is a useful economic resource as well as boosting its role on the environmental world stage.