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    Biodiversity ‘key to sustainable development’, says UN chief

    2015 - 05.27

    UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called on the global population to recommit to taking action for reduce the range of deforestation and biodiversity loss around the world to ensure sustainable development and tackle the eradication of poverty.

    The sustainable development goals and post-2015 development agenda unveiled by the UN are set to encourage this philosophy, providing an opportunity for mainstream biodiversity and transformation change in how sustainability and conservation is regarded around the world.

    According to Ban Ki-moon, the reduction of deforestation and enhanced carbon stocks in forests and crop lands are all highlighted within the agenda as cost-effective ways of mitigating climate change.

    Marking the International Day for Biological Diversity, Ban Ki-moon’s message highlighted the importance of variety of life around the planet to the success and welfare of future generations, stating that a new focus on sustainability could help address the global issue of poverty.

    “Protecting ecosystems and ensuring access to ecosystem services by poor and vulnerable groups are essential to eradicating extreme poverty and hunger,” he said.

    The post-2015 development agenda is expected to be adopted by world leaders later in 2015 at a United Nations summit during the opening of the substantive session of the General Assembly.

    However, a number of companies including Greenwood Management have already adopted sustainability initiatives of their own to help tackle the issue of climate change.

    Thousands protest against Romania deforestation

    2015 - 05.13

    Thousands of people have taken part in protests against the mass logging and deforestation of forests across Romania, which is currently being sanctioned by the country’s government.

    Demonstrators took part in a march through the city of Bucharest on Saturday, stating that they blamed politicians for allowing deforestation of the crucial European woodlands to take place.

    Carrying banners with slogans including “united we can save the forests”, the protesters accused the country’s political parties of allowing the mass logging of large areas of woodland for profit and failing to maintain control of illegal deforestation.

    Although strict protection of Romania’s forests was ended following the downfall of communism in 1989, the country has continued to keep tight control of the woodland until illegal logging began to increase at the start of the millennium.

    Aside from the trees themselves, the illegal logging of Romania’s 6.6 million hectares (16.3 million acres) of forests also threatens the lives of the brown bear and wolves that reside within it.

    Commenting on the recent protests, President Klaus Iohannis stated that the demonstrations were “legitimate” and pledged to discuss the growing problems of illegal logging at the country’s next national security meeting.

    Despite the increasing problem across Romania and many other countries, many businesses including Greenwood Management have already begun their mission to contribute to the reduction in worldwide deforestation.