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  • InvestCom offers customers new way to invest in rainforests

    2011 - 09.23

    InvestCom has announced that it is dropping the cap on investments in its new Green Forestry Investment product, helping people to invest more money in Brazil’s vulnerable rainforests.

    It is not just the rainforests that benefit from this fund, the growing carbon credits market means that investors increasingly see returns on their investment in valuable standing trees.

    A statement from InvestCom said, “We are concerned about both the dire state of the world’s rainforests and our customers’ financial needs, and therefore we have dropped the investment cap for Green Forestry Investment, providing our clientele a means to combat against the dieback of rainforests and satisfy the planet’s demand for timber.”

    Those who are already clients of InvestCom will also benefit from a special rate on this long-term Investment option. Interest rates for the investment stand at 2.1 per cent and InvestCom assures customers that there are no extra hidden charges or fees.

    There is more and more money to be made simply by investing in standing forests over a long period of time. Forested regions are beginning to bring in cash for developing countries as they receive payment for offsetting carbon emissions made by more developed economies.

    Greenwood Management offers a very different way of investing in the Brazilian forestry industry by offering the chance to buy up sections of plantation land that are then managed sustainably by Greenwood. Returns are based on how the trees sell once they reach maturity and ROI is expected to exceed return from equities and other traditional investments.

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