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    2009 - 11.17

    Investments into  forestry and timber infrastructure on a global scale  is being highlighted as a vital element for the worlds climate control.   The news from the United Nations Environment Programme stated that countries which make investments into their own natural environments will likely be rewarded in future years. The report went on to say that deforestation should be highlighted as one of the major priorities as the depletion of forests accounts for almost 20 percent of the world’s carbon emissions.

    The study, unveiled with less than 3 weeks to go before the Copenhagen Summit for Climate Change, at which the world’s leaders will attempt to agree a global strategy to address the problems and find policy solutions for the  limitation of climate change.
    The Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) scheme was developed to encourage developing and emerging countries through an expanded carbon market, if they take measures to reduce deforestation.

    The scheme intends to expand the plan to include protection, restoration and sustainable management of forestry. By such means, sustainable forestry would be vital as a way to prevent deforestation.

    Pavan Sukhdev from UNEP said, “REDD, as well as ecological restoration, need to be given a bit of a fillet through the Copenhagen process. These are the first two steps on the ladder. When these get going then a lot else will fall in place.”

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