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  • Eucalyptus success prompts new forestry investment project

    2009 - 09.09

    A productive eucalyptus plantation collaboration has prompted a leading agricultural biotechnology firm to enter a new agreement with the Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF).

    FuturaGene, which develops eco-friendly solutions to enhance yields and improve the processability of plants for forestry, biofuels, biopower and agriculture, will develop poplar – used for plywood, veneer and structural timber – with increased yield and processability for the Chinese domestic market.

    The plans follow the agreement, in May this year, between Oregon State University and FuturaGene unit CBD Technologies to produce a proprietary eucalyptus clone and a eucalyptus transformation protocol.

    For the latest project, Futuragene will provide proprietary genes and technical assistance to CAF with the aim of improving yield, drought and salt tolerance of short-rotation poplar for the biofuel and biomass markets.

    Dr Stanley Hirsch, FuturaGene’s chief executive, commented that the agreement is “strategically important” to his organisation’s global initiatives in the crop’s development for biopower and biofuel production.

    “We are delighted to be extending our relationship with CAF following the productive start to our initial eucalyptus-focused collaboration agreement,” he added.

    The first agreement between FuturaGene and CAF, signed in 2007, aimed to improve the yield, processability and disease resistance of eucalyptus trees.

    Future hybrids will doubtless provde increase yields to forestry investors and therefore better returns on their investments in forestry,   whilst also protecting the natural forest by virtue of the increased timber that can be harvested from the forestry plantations.

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    2 Responses to “Eucalyptus success prompts new forestry investment project”

    1. Cautious Money says:

      Not much in the way of feedback so thought you forestry and timber folk might want a little commentary and objective feedback…Defo looks to be bags of potential for capital growth in forestry invements atm. Can I suggest you source some of the comments/stories you put up, so those considering taking forestry into their portfolio can get a proper verification of the facts. What are the average timescales for returns in forestry plantations, and do they offer any income or is ai all dependant of the final chop…so to speak?

    2. Bharat Chaudhari says:

      Dear All,

      I am India based farmer and I want to start plantation of eucalyptus and sandalwood,

      Can I expect any investor for this plantation?

      Thank you

      Bharat Chaudhari

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