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  • Forestry standards via the Smartwood Alliance Programme

    2009 - 11.30

    In the South American forestry sector,  the “SmartWood Alliance Program” has developed a generic standard to verify the “Legal Origin Verification”VLO) of forestry products for its end users and investors in forestry. The VLO will be used to assess and verify forest products and will  have legal right under the laws and regulations applicable in its jurisdiction in the forestry industry. The standard will verify all points along the supply chain which use forest products and maintain systems to document and track the chain of custody for the timber.
    Leonardo Martim Sobral of the  Forest Certification Management Institute and Agricultural and Forestry Certification (Imaflora), stated that, with this standard, companies receive a statement of verification and should use the documents to prove that the wood has been verified. “In addition, the company may communicate publicly that they have verification of the legality of origin to their products.”

    Imaflora explained that “audits shall be conducted on the forestry company premises and encompass a range of areas within the forestry company ranging from  proper approvals and licenses, royalties, harvest rates, compliance with laws relating to environmental protection, fauna, conservation of water and soil sampling standards, health and safety, relationship with the communities and “maintaining a chain of custody system”.

    “The final audit  is aimed at building a more robust forestry standard. The assessment period is 30 days, but this does not prevent new contributions can be sent during any stage of the process, The standard applies to prodcers and traders in forestry as well as individual companies within the supply chain”.

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