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  • Bio-Energy plantations are the hottest story in Brazil in 2009

    2009 - 11.23

    Bob Flynn director for RISI international timber, recently spoke at the SC Forestry Association’s 41st annual meeting stating in a power point presentation that “Bio-Energy plantations are the hottest story in Brazil in 2009”.

    This presentation highlighted that Brazil has more dedicated commercial wood energy plantations than the rest of the world combined. It  identified that the steel industry is in a major expansion stage requiring more charcoal from sustainable grown sources, whilst the Soya industry also needs fuelwood to dry and process soybeans prior to export,  both industries are  heavily reliant on Eucalyptus. “In both steel and Soya, the industry is being pushed to shift demand from native forests to sustainable plantations. Emerging carbon markets also providing a strong incentives for these industries to replace fossil fuels”.

    European power companies were also identified in the presenation as looking at Brazil for secure long term wood supplies.

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