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    2009 - 12.01

    Forestry investment and investment in biofuel production,  particularly in developing countries in South America (as a result of the ideal climate/ growing conditions there) is encouraging local economies to thirve.  Also the recent strong emergence of  the bio fuel industry is  drastically reducing deforestation  in the region due to the actual value of forests in relation to the role they can play in CO2 reduction. Managed forestry plantations are becoming ever  more attractive to investors such as Viridas, a United Kingdom based  forestry/bio fuels company.

    The  British  biofuel developer has recently staged a  share placing to finance a new forestry based, biofuel production  in Brazil. The cash raised from the share placing will go towards the acquistion of a forestry plantation

    As we are gradually recognising here, biofuels are demonstrating an increasingly clear tendency to replace carbon heavy  fossil fuels as they are produced from the by-products of the forestry industry.

    Martin Brink,  one of the company directors at Viridas  stated the company aim was to “take advantage of the growing European Union demand for compliant sustainable biodiesel and biomass sourced from a dedicated energy crop.”

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