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  • UK timber imports rise 18%

    2017 - 06.22

    Figures from Timber Trade Federation's (TTF) latest statistics bulletin have shown that UK timber import volumes increased by 18 per cent in the first two months of this year in comparison to a year ago.

    Panel products were up 23 per cent whilst solid wood imports were 16 per cent higher in January and February.

    Data revealed that hardwood imports were up 52 per cent to 100,000m3, although the bulletin urges caution as Finland and Norway are shown as having dramatic increases, with the former’s market share of UK hardwood imports increasing from 1 per cent to 9 per cent and the latter’s going from zero to 8 per cent. TTF suggest this distortion may have resulted from the likely mis-reporting of hardwood volumes.

    Germany, Latvia and Finland were the three European supplier countries who exported the largest increase of volumes to the UK.

    Here are some other key findings from the report:

    Softwood import volumes grew 13.7 per cent to 1.02 million m3.

    The value of sawn goods was around 10 per cent higher compared to a year ago, with planed goods soaring by 42 per cent.

    Plywood imports grew by 15.7 per cent to 299,000m3, with hardwood ply up 1.6 per cent to 180,000m3.

    Softwood ply import volumes rose 46.4 per cent to 119,000m3, boosted by growth from China and Brazil.

    Particleboard volumes rose 32.7 per cent to 147,000m3 aided by much higher volumes from Germany, with matching growth from Poland.

    OSB volumes were down 9.8 per cent to 46,000m3 and MDF shipments grew 48.2 per cent to 131,000m3.

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