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    2010 - 01.12

    There had been such a build up to the Copenhagen Climate change summit talks, so many hopes and expectations.  Now all the hullabalo has died down,  it seemed fitting to put something down on where we stand now, what the conclusions finally arrived at were and how will the forestry investment world will be affected, if at all,  by the agreements made at Copenhagen.

    From the many articles I have read, it seems quite hard to get a clear handle on what the implications of the Copenhagen Accord are. The Accord itself is a political agreement between six heads of state (Brazil,  China, India, Maldives, South Africa, United States).  But the accord is not a binding legal agreement. The carbon emissons from the developed countries do not seem to have been addressed, mainly due to the fact that negotiations were stopped when the Heads of State turned up.  As far as forestry  goes, the re is no real clear statement I can pick up on unfortunately. The Accord identified the need to create a mechanism to reduce emissions fron deforestation (REDD) but hasn’t done so. That is a disappointment,  but there are meetings scheduled for the year ahead when we hope these will be finally nailed down.
    So, it seems to me that the jury is still out to make any definite conclusions.  Frustrating,  but there is nothing to be done except wait. Hopefully there will be some new agreement on forestry accounting rules in the pipeline,  but we will just have to wait alittle longer to see what comes of the meetings scheduled for this year in Germany and Mexico.

    Patience needed.

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