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  • Tottenham Hotspurs in Regeneration Launch

    2010 - 03.10

    According to the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority volunteers are working on improving the states of the Clendish Marsh and Tottenham Marshes. The initiative was launched with the help of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

    For more than 30 years Tottenham Marshes have been the victim of vandalism but this is all changing thanks in part to a series of improvements that were launched this month by Spurs midfielder Lukas Modric.

    “Getting kids and families leading healthy lifestyles is something we promote at Spurs through the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation,” said Modric. “We want to encourage young people and families to get out and enjoy their local parks and Tottenham Marshes provide the ideal spot for fun and activities with the family.”

    To date the regeneration of the marshes has taken more than five years as part of a £2million investment in the area. So far the entire Marigold entrance has been refurbished and volunteers have been working on clearing the pathway through Clendish Marsh and coppicing the hazel, which grows in abundance.

    “I am very pleased that the Forestry Commission is able to support this particular project,” said Ron Melville the Forestry Commission Regional Director.

    “Trees are immensely valuable in many ways, including biodiversity, quality of life and adaptation to climate change. They are important for our future and it is particularly appropriate that children and families are involved in this planting scheme since they will see these trees grow to maturity.”

    The official launch was yesterday and saw school children, families and volunteers come together in order to demonstrate how the area has become a great place to play sport as a recreational destination for the whole family, as well as place for wildlife and plants.

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