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  • Study Finds Forestry Investments Key to Global Warming

    2010 - 03.17

    It is well known that investment in the forestry sector to store carbon in the trees and soils is one of the viable options for mitigating the potential effect of global warming.

    A study by Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) has stated that agricultural lands could be major potential sink areas, which could absorb large quantities of carbon if trees are reintroduced to the agri-system and are carefully managed along with crops.

    In areas that have been by passed by the Green Revolution this study of agro-forestry by the University’s Department of Forestry could be the key to prosperity for the poor suffering from hunger, abject poverty, malnutrition and deterioration of the environment. Other studies support this theory and have shown that the inclusion of trees in the agricultural landscape can often improve the productivity of the systems, while also providing opportunities to create carbon sinks.

    The study, which was recently made available to the media stated that, “the key component to mitigate the crisis in agriculture is to increase soil organic matter, which can be done with the integration of forestry, livestock, green manure, conservation agriculture in the farming system.” It also pointed out that an increased concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere had raised the global temperature, resulting in catastrophic changes in the climate.

    With the excessive deforestation to meet the wood requirements of increasing population in developing countries, the distribution of carbon in its natural pool and in atmosphere had been affected adversely.

    The study pointed out that while carbon dioxide was the largest single greenhouse gas currently trapping about half of the total heat contributing to global warming removing atmospheric carbon and storing it in the terrestrial biosphere was one of the options that had been proposed to compensate greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol.

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