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  • Indonesia partners up with the US

    2010 - 03.23

    Last week Indonesian forestry officials were in Washington trying to develop closer cooperative efforts between the two countries. Chairman of Indonesia’s Forestry Ministry Wandojo Siswanto told reporters that he hoped that President Barack Obama’s visit to Indonesia next week would result in a bilateral agreement to enhance the US – Indonesian forest management collaboration.

    Indonesia is the world’s third largest carbon polluter when deforestation and land use and not just smokestack pollution is taken into account. Wandojo and Indonesia’s director for forestry and water resources conservation Basah Hernowo were quick to point out that an injection of international aid funds (separate from offsets) were needed to help developing countries, in particular Indonesia tackle global warming. However, they were unable to give any further details regarding how much money they sought and what it would be used for if granted.

    During the UN sponsored conference in Copenhagen last December rich countries were called on to create a $30 billion fund over three years in order to help poorer countries to combat climate change. By 2020 that ‘fast start’ fund is expected to grow to $100 billion a year.

    The next UN climate meeting is scheduled for November of this year in Mexico. After Copenhagen expectations are not high for it to conclude with a binding, international deal on how to battle global warming once the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012. However there are hopes that a worldwide accord on managing forests can at least be decided on there.

    “We need international support with forest protection”, Wandojo said, adding, “We believe that the (U.N.-led) negotiations couldn’t be moving forward without the leadership of the U.S.”

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