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    2010 - 05.03

    This month sees the launch of a public share issue aimed at raising money for the Cochabamba Project, which was set up to provide help for communities in Bolivia as well as helping to reverse deforestation in the Amazon.

    Investors who are ethically minded have been invited to put their money into this pioneering community forestry enterprise, which will support poor Bolivian farmers while at the same time earning a decent return in the form of interest payments of up to 7.5% per annum.

    The Cochabamba Project Ltd was set up in the UK as a co-operative and while the registered office is in Sheffield the real work is happening thousands of miles away in the tropical regions of the Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and Beni provinces in Bolivia.

    The project works in partnership with the local farmers to establish and run a profitable, sustainable community based forestry enterprise. These enterprises are financed by the UK investors, who enable the farmers to plant native species of tropical hardwoods as an alternative to unsustainable farming practices.
    A spokesman says the project is “a true partnership between investors, who provide capital for seeds and infrastructure, and over 1,500 Bolivian smallholders, who own the land and provide the labour, with timber revenues being shared equally”.

    The first share issue raised $620,000, which funded the planting of 241 hectares (595 acres). This month sees the launch of the second share issue, which the team hopes will raise over $400,000. It is estimated that a $10,000 investment could fund the planting of 4,000 trees for timber, create one acre of conservation and triple the income of a poor Bolivian family.

    The spokesman for Cochabamba’s has said that their contribution to tackling climate change was recognised by its accreditation as a clean development mechanism project under the Kyoto protocol. This allows the project to earn carbon credits, which can then be sold to international governments.

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