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  • Chinese Look to Invest in Canadian Forestry Industry

    2010 - 06.02

    Canadian Forests Minister Pat Bell has gone on record as saying that there is a huge potential for the northwest to tap into the increased growth of the Chinese market.

    A Chinese company, which already has a high level of interest in the region, is currently planning to send some of its senior executives to visit the northwest. According to Bell they are interested in the region’s forest resources as a whole and not just for the export of raw logs.

    “The interest we’ve had expressed by companies like China Forestry Exchange is specific to manufacturing in the northwest,” said Bell.   He adds “there’s always been some interest in log exports but our goal and objective is to rebuild a manufacturing sector in the northwest.”

    In addition the mothballed Eurocan Paper mill in Kitimat is being eyed up by some Swedish business people, according to Bell.

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