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  • Ethical Investment Trend Set to Continue

    2010 - 07.29

    From my blog you may gather that I am somewhat of an advocate for forestry investments but they are worth keeping an eye on as the World is going through a phase for everything green. Prompted primarily by international pressure to reduce CO2 emissions.

    No matter what type of investment, investors will always seek to capitalise on large returns and if ethical or ‘green’ investments are able to generate them then so much the better for the environment. Interest is particularly high in forestry investments since they have many benefits to recommend them, such as: returns of 10-14% per annum (on average), portfolio diversification and they are very environmentally friendly.

    There is also no shortage of demand for forest products. Companies that require natural resources for their products range from handmade greeting cards, tissue paper to furniture makers.

    So bearing all that in mind with the trend for green investments set to continue now might be a good time to make it an important part of your portfolio.

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