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  • UK Forestry Commission Tests New Carbon Code

    2010 - 09.02

    The Forestry Commission is due to begin testing on a new quality assurance scheme for tree planting programmes, intended for carbon sequestration. With the demand for such projects increasing the Forestry Commission said that there needs to be a standard by which to measure their effectiveness and to ensure that real benefits are being achieved.

    The new scheme named the Woodland Carbon Code will undergo a six month pilot phase that is designed to test its effectiveness before it is officially launched in early 2011.

    In order to comply with the code organizations must show that the projects are sustainably managed to national standards. They must also show that they use standard measures for the volume of carbon that will be sequestered, this must be independently verified and meet all transport criteria issues.

    Tim Rollinson, director general of the Forestry Commission, said that the Woodland Carbon Code will “encourage more investment in tree planting in the UK”.

    “There are now many commercial schemes that encourage individuals and businesses to contribute to tree planting to help compensate for their carbon footprint. But before investing in projects, people want to know that schemes will actually deliver what they claim,” he added.

    The announcement of this scheme comes just a few days after research printed in Science magazine found that the ability of the world’s plants to absorb carbon dioxide has dropped  in the last decade.

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