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  • Forestry investment report makes for interesting reading

    2012 - 03.02

    A new report details the most attractive timber investment locations in the world, providing a valuable insight for anyone considering investing in timber and forestry.

    The Global Tree Farm Economic Review by RISI has just been released and it has already been welcomed by investors thanks to its positive news about timber demand in China.

    Although it’s plain to see that China’s appetite for timber seems pretty insatiable at the moment, some have claimed that it is dropping off. However, this recent report shows that 2011 demand hit record levels and that there was also a 30 per cent rise in the timber demand deficit in China, totalling per 150,000 cubic metres.

    The report looks at geographic, political and economical factors that could have an impact on the forestry industry in each country. It found that timber demand is also on the increase in several other nations, including India, which is also experiencing massive economic growth.

    The report added that tree plantation schemes, such as the one operated by Greenwood Management, for example, in Brazil, are becoming popular for the production of timber for emerging markets.

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