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  • Kimberly-Clark commits to reducing wood pulp consumption

    2012 - 06.21

    Consumer product manufacturer, Kimberly-Clark, has announced plans to half the amount of forest wood-pulp it uses in its products by 2025.

    It says that it hopes the move will help to put an end to deforestation. The international firm used 750,000 metric tons of primary wood fibre last year, all of which was sourced from natural forests.

    We believe that if more firms used pulp and timber products sourced from sustainably managed plantations, there would be less demand for forestry products from native, natural forests. Firms like Kimberly-Clark look set to finally be coming around to our thinking as the move announced this week will reduce its consumption of forest wood-pulp by enough fibre to make 3.5 billion rolls of toilet tissue.

    The announcement from the manufacturer of Huggies nappies and Kleenex tissues was timed to coincide with this week’s Rio+20 conference. Kimberly-Clark’s Vice President for sustainability, Suhas Apte, stated, ‘In the long run, we hope that one day all our fibre needs will be met from sources that collectively have maximum land use efficiencies while minimising impact on people and our planet.’

    Plantations of non-native, fast-growing trees, such as the sustainable managed projects operated by Greenwood Management in Canada and Brazil, can offer greener options for manufacturers such as Kimberly-Clark.

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