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  • We welcome greater responsibility among private sector for future of Brazil’s forests

    2012 - 08.01

    A new report from the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) has claimed that the private sector is under increasing pressure to do more to use sustainable production methods in Brazil.

    We agree that, although the agribusinesses industry has been responsible for its fair share of deforestation in the past, the tide in changing thanks to government and public pressure.

    The CIFOR report stated that the private sector has contributed a lot to the rise of the country’s economy in recent years, but is now under pressure to change its ways. It said, “The private sector has always played an important role in the Amazon. In some cases, of course, this has led to deforestation and the chaotic process of the expansion of the agricultural frontier, and in some cases to a very unequal distribution of incentives and resulting benefits.”

    There are a number of environmental regulations that have been brought in to ensure that private companies operate agriculture businesses and forestry business sustainability. We think that sustainability is key to both the future of the Amazon rainforest and the communities that live around and within it, and the forestry industry in Brazil in general.

    Greenwood Management operates sustainably managed plantations of non-native trees that provide alternative timber products to those produced through illegal logging.

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