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    2009 - 11.17

    In Angola, the government plans to regenerate the country’s 18 provinces industries by transforming the forestry and timber industry. This was announced by the Agriculture deputy minister for forest resources area, André de Jesus Moda.

    Speaking at a public presentation in Germany, Andre de Jesus Moda stated that, under his responsibilities regarding forests exploration, the government has drafted an overview of the current situation for a  sustainable renewal of the forest resources.

    The deputy minister said that the Ministry of Agriculture has drafted a programme targeted  for the establishment of industries of timber exploration and a  transformation in the country, specifically aimed at encouraging national and foreign private sectors to invest in forestry.

    According to the minister, governmental action needs to have as a goal  the renewal of the rural economy and the economic and commercial world.  as well as the eradication of hunger, and the reduction of unemployment.

    A number of saw mills, seven in total,  were purchased by the Angolan Government at an estimated cost of  Euro 45.000 each, under the project entitled  “Boost Forests Exploration and Semi-Transforming industries in the Rural Area”.

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